It’s the season for giving!

We want to help kids have a happy holiday, and help their families spend a little less time worrying about how to pay for it…

Since 2013…

…a small band of dedicated individuals have been taking donations and using those funds to pay off holiday layaway accounts at local retailers. These Layaway Santas want kids everywhere to be able to enjoy the sort of Christmas mornings that they remember from their own childhoods.

This year, the Layaway Santa teams in Middle Georgia and Metro Atlanta are hoping to raise over $8,000 to help families pay off their holiday layaway accounts – and want your help to do so!

100% of your donation (less the small fee charged by GoFundMe) will go towards helping families in Middle Georgia or Metro Atlanta complete their holiday shopping with a little less stress and worry.  Your heart will grow three sizes once you click on one of the “Donate” buttons below!


Help us set a new record this 2019 Holiday Season.
Thanks for your support.

Layaway Santa in the News

Layaway Santa Middle Georgia seeking donations

For a fifth year, the Layaway Santa Middle Georgia group plans to help families all across Central Georgia by paying off their layaway accounts right before Christmas. In their first four years, the group has raised more than $15,000 and helped more than 70 families...

Layaway Santas pay off accounts at Robins

Getting that perfect gift for your child is sometimes harder than finding it on the shelf. You have to be able to afford it, and that can mean paying for it a little bit at a time. Four people walked into the Robins Exchange with a mission to make Christmas a little...