Getting that perfect gift for your child is sometimes harder than finding it on the shelf.

You have to be able to afford it, and that can mean paying for it a little bit at a time.

Four people walked into the Robins Exchange with a mission to make Christmas a little brighter for military families – one layaway account at a time.

“To help those families give the perfect Christmas to their kids is really a dream come true,” said Josh Roberts said.

They call themselves the Middle Georgia Layaway Santas.

Roberts says they started paying off Christmas toys four years ago and this year they raised more than $10,000 to pay off accounts.

“I can’t imagine not being able to provide that gift that your kid wants, that has been asking you for and pestering you,” said Roberts said. “To be able to help families that are having trouble making that a reality for their kids and help make that a reality this time of year is unbelievable.”

“So far on stuff we’ve paid off is $1,149.37,” said Chris Tsavatewa.

After paying off a few more accounts it was time for the fun, the call letting the customers know.

“I wanted to give you some good news,” the store manager said over the phone. “We have some layaway Santas that came by and paid off your layaway for you.”

They paid for 14 accounts, racking up more than $2,000 of gifts including Brendette Anderson’s.

“I’m like wow…what,” Anderson said. “I said you’re kidding; she says no layaway Santa paid for your layaway.”

Anderson says the Santas paid hundreds of dollars for the laptop she’s giving her granddaughter.

“She doesn’t really know that she’s getting it. So when she does open the gift it’s going be ‘wow grandma you got it,’” Anderson said.

They didn’t come down the chimney, but delivered the same sort of Christmas magic.

“Since they gave to me, God will be giving to them,” Anderson said.

The layaway Santas also paid off accounts at Toys-R-Us, K-Mart, and Roses.