So what’s this all about?

What is Layaway Santa?

Layaway Santa is a small group of friends from Middle Georgia and Metro Atlanta. who annually raise money to pay off delinquent or abandoned layaway accounts containing Christmas toys at local retailers.

But WHO is Layaway Santa?

We prefer the spirit of anonymity, but you can see one of the founder’s names on the GoFundMe page (because he’s too dim to figure out how to remove it). Regardless, this is a legitimate charity effort in its fifth year. Last year we raised over $10,000 ($15,000 to date) to pay off layaway items, and hope to set a new record again this year!

Basically, we’re Santa Claus – LAYAWAY Santa Claus!

Seriously, I’m not giving my money without knowing who’s managing it. Who are you people?

Fair enough. We’re regular citizens dedicated to the proposition of random acts of kindness.

John Roberts (JR) works at the ASUN Conference, a NCAA Division I athletic conference headquartered in Macon. He launched Layaway Santa three years ago after reading some articles about other people around the country doing something similar. He believes that human beings have a limitless capacity to help each other, and just need the opportunity to do so presented to them.

Chris Tsavatewa (Chippy) works at Middle Georgia State University and serves on the Macon-Bibb County Board of Health. He enjoys long walks on the beach, eggnog, Hall and Oats… Wait wait wrong bio… An engaged citizen and champion convenor of talent,  he joined JR in the inaugural effort, and it’s largely due to his reminders, perseverance, and tenacity that Layaway Santa continues today.

Chris Floore (no nickname needed) manages public relations and communications for the Macon-Bibb County government. He talks and writes…a lot. Pretty much nonstop from the moment he wakes up until he falls asleep. (He’s like a toddler, really, in that aspect.) Having resisted Chippy on one of his six dozen other side projects, he couldn’t say no to this one when he called and said, “you should do this.” Floore (see…no nickname needed) may grumble and yell ‘Bah Humbug’ while hanging lights on his house, but he wants to make sure as many kids as possible have a magical Christmas and parents aren’t stressed by how they are going to pay for it.

Lee Greenway (no cool nickname either) works at Middle Georgia State University and is in his second year helping the cause.  As a designer of picture-type imageizations and a word-writer with skills of languageness, he was happy to lend a hand or two to Layaway Santa when Chippy asked.  He remembers the Christmases of his childhood and the joy of opening up that just-right present – and wants to do what he can to make sure middle Georgia kids are all able to experience that same joy.

Mindy Hart (Mind-A-Licious) is the editor and publisher for Gateway Macon by day and Director of Lego Creativity by night.  She kicks butt and chews gum and is all out of gum.  In her third year helping out with Layaway Santa,  she is at the mercy of her friends, family, clients and social networks to make this year’s Layaway Santa the best year ever so that all the children in Central Georgia can experience the joy and excitement of Christmas morning.

Robert Fisher (BBQ Santa for this campaign) is a local food guy. He is the mastermind behind Mama Honey’s Hiney Rub. His passion for food benefits a majority of the people who know him. Rarely does he hesitate to feed everyone who stops by his home. This action speaks to why he’s involved in Layaway Santa, it’s because even volunteers need to eat. Oh, and he was a kid once, too…so there’s that.

There are several other people involved…but they are too busy helping people to write a short bio…but take it from us… they are cool and legit 🙂

OK, I like you guys and gals. What if you raise TOO much money and there aren’t enough accounts for all the money you have?

We like the way you think! But if there aren’t enough layaway accounts on hand on the day we get to be Santa Claus, there are MANY charities in our area that support children at Christmas, and the funds will go to them. This is about supporting children at Christmas, and that’s what we’re going to do.

When do you stop accepting donations?

We usually stop right before the holiday allowing us a last minute opportunity to pay off accounts. This year we will collect until December 23 via GoFundMe.

What is your goal?

We’re working on setting the goal for 2019 – watch this space!

Does all the money go to pay off accounts or the cause?

Beyond the small transaction fee GoFundMe charges us to collect donations and process credit card transactions, 100% of the funds will go toward helping families enjoy the season without worrying about money. All other expenses of the organization, website hosting fees, Christmas cards, gas, etc are donated by the Layaway Santas and their sponsors.



Help us set a new record this 2019 Holiday Season.
Thanks for your support.